How to use and take care of our candles

To ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your candles, it is important to follow standard candle safety and care guidelines. Domus Meus is not responsible for misuse. 

How to burn wooden wick candles: 

  • Hold candle at an angle when lighting; contact wick with flame for at least 5-10 seconds. 

  • Upon first lighting, allow wax melt pool to reach edge of glass before extinguishing to prevent wax tunneling. This will make your candle last longer.

  • Before each use, trim excess burnt wood on the wick to 1/8-1/4”. This is very important! If not properly trimmed, the wick may not light, or flame may be too high.

  • If you notice the flame height getting too low after burning for an extended amount of time, it may be necessary to snap off any excess ash or burnt wood along the top of the wick. The flame will then return to its proper optimal height.

General Candle Safety:

  • Burn within sight on a level, heat resistant surface away from drafts, children, pets and flammable objects.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Do not touch hot glass on a burning or cooling candle.

  • Keep wax pool free of debris and wood wick trimmings.

  • Always burn candles in a well ventilated room.

  • Never burn a candle for more than 4 hrs.

  • Never extinguish candles with water.

  • If smoking occurs, extinguish candle, trim wick and relight.

  • Handle glass jar with care. If the jar is broken, chipped or cracked, discontinue use.

  • Discontinue burning once 1/2" of wax remains. Burning beyond this point can present a fire hazard.